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Acorn and Carnival Squash - Easy Savory Squash

I know not everyone enjoys mixing sweet and savory, so some of the winter squash might be too sweet for your pallet. But acorn and carnival squashes are more savory and take to a number of cooking methods. They can be cut in half and stuffed, sliced in "C" shaped crescents, or cube. They also have a more tender skin than most, so not only are they easier to cut, but if you don't want to take the time to peel then, their skin roast to tender.

I wanted to write this post to help you know how to easily disassemble acorn and carnival squashes, so you can use them all winter long. When stored in a cool dark place, they will last for a few months, but with the wide variety of ways to cook them, they won't last that long.

How to Disassemble Acorn or Carnival Squash

Acorn and Carnival squash have a rounded or pointed bottom, so DO NOT try to cut them straight across the top with that unsafe wobbly area against the board.

You will find that is you lay it on the side, you can find a more balanced feel. Then you can use a sharp chef's knife to cut between two of the lobes. Then flip it over and cut through the lobes on the other side.

You should then be able to pull the two sides apart where they are still attached at the stem (it will pull apart and come away with only one side).

The flesh connecting the seeds to the squash are easier to remove than pumpkins. One pass with a metal spoon should pull the seeds out.

At this point, you could use the two halves for stuffed acorn squash recipes or continue to cut it into smaller pieces.

Place the flat cut side of the squash down on the cutting board and cut the squash in the depression between the lobes to have "C" shaped crescents.

If you do not like the idea of eating the peel, it is easiest to peel acorn or carnival squash once they are cut into crescents. While you can use a knife to peel the skin, it is easiest to use a "Y" shaped peeler at this point because you have created an easy shape to grip and there are no more nooks that are hard to get into.

And if you wish to have cubed squash, it is easiest to trim off the pointed ends of the crescents first because to will be thinner than the middle. In order to create even cubes on larger squash, you may find cutting the lobe in half lengthwise before cubing the rest.

Roasting Acorn or Carnival Squash

No mater whether you are roasting whole or cubes, coat the squash in 1 tablespoon per squash in a neutral oil. Then sprinkle with salt and whichever spices you want.

When roasting squash, make sure to grease your pan. one squash will need a quarter sheet pan or 4 squash will fit on a full side sheet pan.

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